Changing Your Fios Wifi Network Name

Changing Your Fios Wifi Network Name

Changing Your Fios Wifi Network Name

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Network Name & Password

Today, I finally switched from Optimum broadband service to Verizon FiOS. This was a much anticipated switch, and I am not only relieved to dump the broadband company whom ignored my loyalty, but excited to experience the reliability of fiber-optic speeds. So, for my first blog entry I decided to walk you through the first thing an admitted nerd does after changing cable companies…

Network management for most routers can be access at

In my case, this url contains the sign on to my home network. FiOS instructions indicated that the default username is “admin” and the password is located on the back of your company supplied router.
Verizon FiOS Router Sign On Page

Once you pass authentication, click on the “Wireless Settings” icon and Click “Basic Wireless Settings”
Wireless SettingsBasic Wireless Settings

This is where you get to have fun with it. The SSID field you see is your Wireless network name. There are endless combinations of funny network names here and here. Or you can be completely unique and make your scratch their head in your own way. My childhood nostalgia chose “Bill Wi the Science Fi”

To Edit your Password, click “Advanced Security Settings” and choose your password type. For more ease of use and a little less security, I use a custom WPA ASCII. I make the password to a combination of important dates and letters. It is easier to remember meaningful numbers when friends want to connect their phones.

Click “Apply” and wait for your connection to drop. Go back to connect and BOOM!
network name

That, friends, is how you change your wireless name from “HX9C-2235G” password “54vf*svfv&JG8-HVF1” to something much more manageable with potential to be widely witty.
Have an awesome Network Name? Comment below because they never cease to amaze me!

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