Measuring Pupillary Distance Online

Measuring Pupillary Distance Online

Measuring Pupillary Distance Online is your destination

In May 2015, a client approached me with an issue. An eye care professional wanted to advertise his professional pd service online… On July 16, 2015 Measure My Pupillary Distance (PD) was released.

If you wear glasses, you most likely know that buying frames online can be hassle. The biggest frustration is providing your Pupillary Distance measurement. You won’t find it on that prescription the Dr. wrote, and measuring on your own can be inaccurate.

Pupillary Distance is the millimeter distance from pupil to pupil. When crafting your glasses, an eye car professional will use this measurement to adjust the frames to optimally fit your face without sliding down the bridge of your nose.

Do your glasses tend to need a readjustment every half hour or so? If yes, congratulations! You need a personalized pupillary distance measurement.

Enter Caskey Coding’s most recent web creation, This website was created to connect those in need of eyeglasses with Eye Care Professionals experienced in measuring PD. Using HTML5, we give you the power to snap and submit a picture using a webcam attached to your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

One major problem I identified with existing websites that measure PD was Flash. Each site requires this software to be installed onto your machine. That’s beauty of using HTML5. The browser alone is able to use your webcam without installing any extra software those other sites demand. By using HTML5, we eliminate the need for Flash, making our application that much more efficient.

Self-measuring was another issue I was eager to address. Our competitors pumped more money into a software that will not only eventually expire, but also confuse the user and not always work. We put you in touch with an Eye Care Professional who provides a pupillary distance by measuring the picture you submit. We didn’t try to get too technical with it because well, people don’t expire like using Flash does.

Monocular and Binocular Pupillary Distance (PD) allows an eye care professional to measure your pupillary distance. With this application, choose from either Monocular or Binocular then browse frames and lenses afterwards. Don’t wait, try it yourself now! We’ll even walk you through it…

Start Here and choose between a Binocular or Monocular PD measurement.

After selecting the PD measurement type, you’ll enter an email address. Your eye care professional will send a personalized PD to this address.

Comb your hair, because it’s picture time.. At this next page, your browser will ask for permission to use a webcam. Click “Allow” to any prompts that may come from Chrome, IE, Mozilla, or Opera…

[Safari is lagging worse then IE with HTML5 compatibility and cannot access your webcam. Try installing Chrome, Firefox, or Opera]

With your camera on, follow these instructions:

Directions to Measure PD

Boom! That’s all you have to do. Easy, right? Once submitted, an experienced eye care professional will review and measure your pupillary distance.

In creating this website, we eliminate the need to leave your home to consult an eye care professional for your Pupillary Distance. Try it today at … And don’t thank me. Thank HTML5.

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