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NJ Small Business Spotlight | The Drain Guys

NJ Small Business Spotlight | The Drain Guys

All small businesses need a reliable web presence. Today’s customers are becoming evermore tech savvy by researching businesses online. The Drain Guys recently sought SEO consulation with Caskey Coding. We reviewed their setup and made design changes to drive customers to their website. As an owner, what are you doing to draw attention to your business? Maybe you have some social media accounts or, better yet, a domain name registered. But how are you leveraging it? Let’s use The Drain Guys as our case study to review some of these steps.

Who Are The Drain Guys?

The Drain Guys Logo

Well known across NJ, The Drain Guys are a local Drain and HVAC company. They are a small business made up of a handful of technicians located in West Orange, NJ and make commercial or residential visits within a 20 mile radius. Services include Drain Cleaning/Unclogging, Furnace Repair, Air Conditioning Repair, Sewer Jetting, Mini Split Installation… among others. This NJ Small Business is very reputable as well. When surfing the web to find Reviews, prior customers rave about this company’s work.

Obviously deserving of an updated website, I wanted to provide a quality space to represent their company. As a web developer I collected these service and experience attributes that make up the business and embed them onto their web server.

Web Design

After The Drain Guys and Caskey Coding teamed up, the first thing we needed to do was trash the GoDaddy Template website and build out an original site. Each piece of The Drain Guys website has been strategically created to drive and keep customers. For example the top of their site has three things vital to the message we’re trying to deliver the customer:

The Drain Guys Head

Which Information would you want your customers to see FIRST?

1) Logo in upper left. This will be the first image the customer will see and associate with the business.

2) The Review Button next to the client logo is an immediate call to action for returning customers. Without prompt, customers often will neglect to leave feedback. A friendly reminder that can blend into the website will be extremely beneficial.

3) Location should be seen immediately for local businesses to keep your intended audience. A website is sorely lacking if a customer can’t find, or has difficulty finding where your business is located.

4) The Business Phone Number is easily found in the upper right hand corner. Convenience is key when is comes to Telephone display. The business wants calls.

5) Under the phone number are Keywords. We want to start a theme of what the client will find on this website. The Drain Guys are HVAC and Drain specialists, so we want to include business keywords on the top of each page.

6) Social Links across the top of the page. Not only did we post the links, we also registered for as many social accounts as possible. If you don’t have an account, customers can’t find you. We want to open up all tunnels where user traffic could come from. Then proudly display that your customers can find you there.


Location Page Build Out

When thinking about drain cleaning and HVAC service search engine results, location has to be priority. We want The Drain Guys to show up in all the areas they service. In this case, we built out a county/city page tree choosing 5 counties with 8 cities in each section. Here each page is keyword targeted to a New Jersey county or city with respect to the services The Drain Guys offers. This allows exposure to each of these cities. If the page didn’t exist, less of an opportunity in an area that The Drain Guys services.

The Drain Guys Location Page

Using a drop-down design, we display the links like this:

You may have to disable pop-up blocker to view the functionality on this website. See the working version and see the drain guys area of service at this link.


Custom Content and Images

Everyone is targeting search engine optimized websites especially in the plumbing business. Secret to success? Content, content, content. The more you have out there, the more you will come up in searches. It’s that easy. Buyer beware because quality content does play a factor. Drain Cleaning and HVAC Service TestimonialIf there is a load of poor quality online, your customers won’t care to see more. The answer is to generate original content that is pertinent to your subject, and that is a helluva lot of legwork.

For The Drain Guys website, we had a large content undertaking. This included producing .PNG, custom service articles for each and (what we’ll get to soon) The Drain Guys Blog. Producing this content allows for A) Sharable content on social media and B) Text search engines scroll through to decide what searches to return the website.

One of the examples of Good Content vs. Better Content is The Drain Guys Reviews and Testimonials Page. We reworked all of the reviews found, and threw them in front of stock photos for a friendlier feel. It makes the content more readable and harvests a better session duration than The Drain Guys Reviews and Testimonials in full text.

Small Business Blog

Aside from the sharable images helping end user duration on their website, we wanted to create content that search engines could render to help The Drain Guys out. For this, we created a drain cleaning and HVAC solutions blog. Here we include tutorials, How-To’s and general information regarding The Drain Guys services. A drain and HVAC blog allow The Drain Guys to communicate to their customers and generate sharable social media content. Not only that, but now search engines can gather more data about which searches your website should be posted in.

Internet Backlinking

Google, Bing and other search engines also feed from each other and top websites. They look at who is pointing at your website and their reputation. For a plumbing company like The Drain Guys, we took a targeted approach to post their domain name onto all of the directories we could find. This includes social media, Internet Directories big and small, coupon referrals, websites you’ve heard of like Foursquare, and some you haven’t like BrownBook.net. You name it, if we could there would be an account created. We’d then link The Drain Guys website to their company profile.

Small Businesses need Backlinks

This involves endless user registrations, repeat content posting and sometimes link even bartering. For better website rankings, not only do you need to exist and be linked on several sites, but you need to spread your “Better” content to these site as well. This was/still is the most tedious task as a web developer.

In Conclusion, The Drain Guys are Set for Success

The Drain Guys are a stellar NJ Drain and HVAC company. It was Caskey Coding’s goal to create a fitting website for their outstanding work. The GoDaddy template originally used proved frustrating and insufficient. After partnering with us, this plumbing company was able to provide a history of terrific reviews and some original content to mold into a new website. They were bound for success off the web and now www.TheDrainGuysNJ.com will allow them to better leverage their online marketing. We wish them only best of successes, and look forward to future dealings with this reputable company.

Don’t Forget to Call The Drain Guys for all your Drain and HVAC needs!
These guys are the best around.


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