Caskey to Mars via NASA

Caskey to Mars via NASA

Caskey to Mars via NASA

How You Can Too!

What child hasn’t dreamt of setting course for a distant planet? In my youth, Mars was the uninhabited surface of my mind’s eye. At the ripe age of 8 or 9, I would claim myself the General and right hand man to my best friend’s self-appointed Supreme Leadership of Mars. We insisted to other friends that our spacecraft crash landed on Earth, and the Martian beings would return for their Ruler. In the meantime, we were hiding in 9 year old’s bodies. Fast forward 14 years, and our claim may be coming true… (sort of).

With a little help from NASA, the General is scheduled to make his 297,805,305 mile return to Mars. Eric Caskey will be aboard Atlas V 401 for it’s Insight mission to Mars. Departing on March 4, 2016 with a course set for Elysium Planitia or “Plain of Ideal Happiness.”

Sounds awesome right? So, I won’t actually be gearing up and lifting off, but I will be there in spirit. Now that I’ve registered (Free Registration Ends September 8, 2015), NASA will etch my name onto a microchip to set course on the Insight mission. Leonardo1-ciIt’s a pretty clever idea they’ve implemented once before. See the implementation back in 2014 HERE. The million plus names were arranged in the pattern of a Leonardo da Vinci self-portrait as displayed to the right.

This is a great way to get people more involved and engaged with the real efforts of exploring outer space. The registration is as easy as you could imagine. Enter name, email, country and zipcode… and you’re done. Thank you NASA, for sending Eric Caskey to Mars aboard Atlas V 401 for it’s Insight mission. You truly are making childhood dreams come true.

Redeem your Boarding Pass to Mars HERE

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